Solicitors got your personal injury claim wrong?
    January 18, 2019

    Our personal injury solicitors sometimes take over cases where the existing solicitors have missed a time limit and the claim has been “struck out” by the Court and can no longer be pursued. This can happen if they don’t get the proceedings issued with the initial time limit (usually 3 years from the accident), or where they haven’t got on with the case and judge has ordered that you can no longer pursue it.

    In these circumstances, you may well have a claim against your solicitors and our personal injury solicitors can help you get compensation from your solicitors and their insurers.

    Occasionally, we can help where your claim has been settled but your solicitors didn’t claim everything they could have so you have ended up undercompensated. These claims can be difficult because usually you have agreed to the settlement; but sometimes, they have completely failed to claim something, or they have wholly undervalued part of the claim and given you bad advice.

    Our personal injury solicitors can advise on whether they think you might have a claim against your solicitors for “professional negligence” arising out of a personal injury claim.

    The information contained in this article is intended for general guidance only. It provides useful information but it is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice as the articles do not take into account specific circumstances. So do please Contact US for legal advice on the issues raised.