Eye injured by colleague messing around
    March 1, 2019

    Horsing around at work can lead to serious consequences – what starts as a bit of fun can be devastating. We acted for a young lad starting out in life who lost the sight in one eye when a colleague poked him with a piece of plastic. Our client had taken off his safety glasses as he lay down to measure up his next piece of work. His colleague went to tap him on the side of his head just as our client turned towards him, so the length of plastic went into his eye.

    Even though it was a bit of horseplay by the colleague, his employers were liable to compensate our client because the poking was done in the course of his work. Our client recovered a substantial amount because his injury meant he would probably never be promoted and his capacity for any work involving measuring was reduced as he found it hard to judge distances or see if something was “square” without having to use a spirit level. Driving would also be a problem for him.

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