Knocked over by a forklift truck
    December 28, 2018

    Accidents are caused by forklifts all the time. Often it’s because they are reversing but the flashing warning light or the bleepers aren’t working (or you just can’t hear the bleepers because the factory is too noisy). Sometimes the gangways aren’t wide enough, or someone has left pallets in the way, so the forklift has to manoeuvre in the same space you’re trying to walk in.

    If you’ve been run over by a forklift, our personal injury solicitors can help you recover compensation for your injuries and any lost earnings, medical expenses and other financial losses.

    We will need to prove the flashers or bleepers weren’t working, the space was too tight, or the gangway was blocked. Make sure that the accident is recorded in the Accident Book and that you make clear what happened and who was driving the truck. Don’t just sign what is written down – make sure that what happened has been set out correctly.

    Get names of anyone who witnessed what happened or who can say what was blocking the gangway or caused the accident.

    Go to your GP or the local hospital as soon as you can. Make sure you explain to the doctors exactly what happened as it can be important to show the account you gave at the time. Don’t ever be tempted to alter the story to avoid getting someone else in trouble. It will only cause problems in your claim later.

    Make sure you call one of our personal injury solicitors early on after the incident while you can still remember all the details of the accident.

    Our personal injury solicitors can advise on what other evidence we need to get to prove how the accident happened.

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