Fallen from a height at work?
    December 21, 2018

    If you’ve been injured by falling from a height in the course of your work, our personal injury solicitors can help you claim compensation. If you have to work at a height from which a fall might cause personal injury, your employer has a duty to assess the risk of injury first and take steps to keep you safe.

    It isn’t safe to work for any length of time on top of a ladder – your employer should provide a safe working platform such as scaffolding. If you’re working on a fragile roof, you need a harness. Scaffolding should have guard rails and toe boards.

    Falling from a ladder or scaffolding often causes life changing injuries. You tend to land on your feet which can cause fractures to your heels and other bones which never mend properly. This causes long term pain and stiffness and an inability to walk on uneven ground without pain, which is devastating for people working on construction sites. Claims like these usually lead to very substantial awards of damages for future loss of earnings and persistent pain.

    Our personal injury solicitors are experienced in helping people injured on construction sites. We can help make sure you get the right amount of compensation to get your life back together.

    If you have been involved in an accident at work and fallen from a height, contact our Personal Injury solicitors who would be happy to help.

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