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    Have you been injured in a fall at work – from a ladder, scaffolding, a platform, the back of a truck or perhaps into a trench?

    The Work at Height Regulations 2005 require your employer to avoid the need for you to work at a height. If that can’t be done, your employer has to think about how the job can be done safely which may mean providing equipment such as harnesses or platforms with guard rails to make sure you don’t fall.

    Ladders are fine if the job is simple and doesn’t take much time but if you need to work off the ground for any length of time or have to carry tools and materials up and down, your employer should provide a suitable working platform such as a cherry picker or scaffolding.
    Scaffolding, ladders, platforms and scaffolding must be adequate for the job, as well as being regularly inspected and maintained. Harnesses should be inspected for wear and replaced when necessary.

    Ladders should be properly footed and erected at a safe angle. You should never have to stand on the top 3 rungs or overreach to get at your work.

    These accidents can cause devastating injuries such as:

    • Head injuries – a hard hat may well not prevent brain injury
    • Spinal injuries leading to paraplegia or quadriplegia
    • Fractures to heel bones – these can mean you can never walk on uneven
    • ground so you won’t get back to work on building sites
    • Serious spiral fractures to legs
    • Broken wrists and arms as you try to break your fall
    • Sadly, some falls are fatal

    We have successfully recovered compensation for many clients injured by falling from a height and our lawyers can help you get the money you need to rebuild your life.

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