Compensation Claim for Fork Lift Truck Accidents




    Have you been knocked over by a forklift at work? Perhaps the driver didn’t see you or the warning bleepers weren’t working? Maybe the driver just wasn’t looking or the area was too crowded with pallets that he couldn’t manoeuvre safely.

    Employers have duties to ensure that:

    • Forklift drivers are fully trained to operate safely
    • Warning bleepers and flashing lights are working
      People and machinery can move freely through the workplace – which means providing separate traffic routes for pedestrians and forklifts

    Drivers of forklifts and operators of reach trucks and pump trucks should all keep the safety of their fellow workers at the front of their minds and watch out for their own.
    Too many people are injured by reversing forklifts, reach trucks knocking items off racking and forklifts toppling over on slopes.

    Employers who don’t properly assess the risk of injury and take effective steps to ensure safety will be liable for these accidents. They are responsible for the negligence of their employees so you can claim if you are injured by a fellow worker in the course of his or her employment. You can even claim if you think you may have been partly to blame but your compensation will be reduced to reflect that.

    We have successfully recovered compensation for many clients injured by forklift trucks, reach trucks and pump trucks and our lawyers can help you get the money you need to get back on your feet.

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