Have you been badly advised by your solicitors in your claim? We can help you




    Has your solicitor let you down? Do you think your compensation wasn’t nearly enough or has your claim been struck out or become time barred?

    Sometimes things go wrong and solicitors miss time limits so that their client can no longer pursue their claim. More rarely, they undervalue a case and the client gets less than they should. Fortunately solicitors must have insurance to cover claims like these.

    We have to work out what the claim would have been worth if things had gone to plan and then claim what the client lost from the solicitors and their insurers.

    We have acted in a number of claims in which solicitors missed the 3 year deadline for issuing proceedings and the client was left with no chance of recovering damages from the person who caused the accident. We have to show that the client would have won or settled the original claim and work out what it would have been worth.

    We have also acted when the claim was settled for much less than it should have been. We represented a client who had suffered a very severe head injury many years earlier – because his previous legal advisers missed a very significant claim for future care needs, he recovered less than half what his claim was worth. We acted for him on a no win, no fee basis with the help of leading counsel (a QC) and a junior barrister and recovered the balance of what he should have got in the first place.

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