Exploding sander caused loss of an eye
    October 26, 2018

    Our client suffered a complete loss of one eye when he was using a sander bought from a well-known DIY store. He had bought it some time before and got it out to sand some wood ready for painting. As he turned it off, the mechanism failed, and shards of metal were thrown out with considerable force.

    Sadly, a sharp piece of metal embedded itself in his eye. Despite surgery, it was impossible to save the eye and our client is now blind in one eye and has to wear an artificial eye. He is also at a small risk of losing the sight in the other eye in the future which would have devastating consequences.

    The sander had been made in China but the retailer had imported it and branded it, so they were responsible. After inspecting the sander, they admitted liability and we were able to concentrate on working out how much compensation was appropriate.

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