Slipped in the supermarket?
    November 2, 2018

    Our personal injury solicitors can help if you’ve had an accident in a supermarket. We have handled all sort of claims involving:

    • Slipping on a grape in the fresh produce area (there is just something about grapes, they roll everywhere!)
    • Slipping on shampoo or yoghurt someone has dropped on the floor in the middle of an aisle (No idea why, but people seem to drop shampoo and yoghurt more than anything else)
    • Slipping on the wet floor by the flowers (Why do supermarkets sell flowers without making sure people put them on bags before they trail water all round the store?)
    • Water seeping out from under the fridges (No excuse for this. They know the fridge is leaking by they just can’t manage to fix them quickly or cordon it off)
    • Slipping on a wet floor in the toilets or a greasy floor in the café (All too often and this can’t be blamed on a random customer dropping something)

    Supermarkets always argue that they have a “clean as you go policy” so that their staff go around all day checking the floor. Then they produce a check sheet showing that someone goes round the store every hour (exactly on the hour) making sure the floor is clean. And then they argue you should have been looking where you put your feet. But you’re looking at the shelves because that’s what you’re there for so it’s up to them to keep the floor safe so you don’t fall.
    We’ve heard it all before. Our personal injury solicitors can help you make a successful claim when your local supermarket lets you down.

    If you’ve fallen in a shop, make sure you take a photo of anything on the floor that you slipped on and, if possible, get names and addresses or phone numbers of any witnesses. Make sure you report it to Customer Services and get the name of the person who takes the details. Also, make sure they right it down accurately – it’s amazing how often the accident report says something completely different and says there was nothing on the floor.

    Don’t feel so embarrassed that you rush out of the shop and pretend that you’re fine. We’ve all done it but don’t be afraid to say you’re in pain.

    The more information you can give our personal injury solicitors, the more chance there is of making a successful claim.

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