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    Injured student had to delay starting Uni
    August 29, 2018

    Our client was a student doing a part time job for a skip company.  He was helping to move some sheets of steel when one of them slipped and trapped him against the lorry.  The weight of the metal sheet fractured his right femur (thigh bone) which had to be pinned.

    He eventually made a very good recovery although his leg remained scarred.  He had to give up his 6th form course part way through and start the year again.  This meant he had to delay University for a year and in turn it would be an extra year before he would be able to start work in his chosen field of civil engineering.

    We were able to negotiate settlement of his claim for his injuries to include a year’s loss of his likely future earnings as a civil engineer, as well as for the loss of his part time earnings which he was off sick from his job with the skip company.

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