Injured by a faulty machine at work?
    December 7, 2018

    If you unlucky enough to be injured using machinery at work, our personal injury solicitor can advise if you can make a claim.

    Employers have duties to maintain machinery in “an efficient state and in efficient working order”. The means that they must inspect it regularly, do any necessary repairs to keep it working safely and fit guards to cover any dangerous parts.

    If you’ve been injured on an unguarded machine, we will need to know if you took the guard off yourself. Even if you did, you may still get some compensation if your bosses knew the guard had been taken off and perhaps encouraged you to remove it to enable you to get more done.

    Fingers should not get caught in machinery and clothing should not be loose enough to be dragged in. But it still happens. If it happens to you, the injuries could be life changing and you should seriously think about making a claim.

    Compensation can be claimed for your lost earnings, damaged clothing, the cost of care (if your family have to help you wash yourself, take over the gardening and DIY), future loss of the ability to work, and money for your “pain and suffering and loss of amenity”.

    If you have been involved in an accident at work or in a public place that wasn’t your fault, contact our Personal Injury solicitors would be happy to help. The more information you can give us, the more likely it is that we can make a successful claim for you.

    The information contained in this article is intended for general guidance only. It provides useful information but it is not a substitute for obtaining legal advice as the articles do not take into account specific circumstances. So do please Contact US for legal advice on the issues raised.