Pedestrians Compensation Claim




    Have you been knocked over by a vehicle while crossing or walking along the road?

    Pedestrians always come off worst and some suffer serious, and sometimes fatal,injuries. You should always use designated crossings and make sure you are visible to traffic but car drivers have a duty to look out for pedestrians and take care to avoid them.

    Proving the driver was to blame isn’t always easy as often there are no witnesses – but this shouldn’t stop you talking to us about a possible claim. We can assess the road and the conditions and, in some cases, ask an accident reconstruction expert to help.Even if the driver is uninsured, you can still make a claim against the Motor Insurers Bureau which is a fund paid for by road traffic insurers.

    Your compensation may be reduced if you were partly to blame but we can advise you about this if it arises.
    We have successfully recovered compensation for pedestrians injured on the roads and our lawyers can help you get the compensation you need to get on with your life.

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