Cyclists Compensation Claim




    Cyclists are particularly vulnerable on the roads. Drivers don’t always look as well as they should and they forget you may be in their blind spot. The most common accidents involve:

    • Lorries taking up tow lanes and turning left without noticing you are moving up on their left
    • Vehicles turning right across your path
    • Vehicles passing too close
    • Vehicles cutting across lanes on a roundabout
    • Drivers just not looking carefully and failing to notice you

    You can do your bit to avoid accidents by wearing reflective clothing and using bright lights, keeping a good lookout, and assuming drivers won’t always see you. You can minimise the risk of head injury by wearing a helmet although nothing can keep you completely safe.

    We have successfully recovered compensation for cyclists injured in road accidents and our lawyers can help you get the compensation you need to get on with your life.

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