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    Have you been injured in a road accident which wasn’t your fault? Or in which you might have been partly to blame?

    If you were hit from behind by another car, it is usually easy to prove that the other driver was to blame. If the other driver pulled out from a side road while you were on the main road, you will probably succeed but your compensation may be reduced if you were driving too fast.

    While the other driver might be wholly to blame for the collision, your award may be reduced if you weren’t wearing a seat belt and the medical evidence shows that the injuries would have been less severe or avoided altogether if you had worn one.

    We deal with all manner of road accident compensation claims from minor whiplash to catastrophic and fatal injuries. For example, we acted for a newly qualified solicitor who suffered multiple injuries including a serious head injury in a road traffic accident. A van failed to stop on the A21 where it narrows to single carriageway and our client’s hatchback car ended up underneath the van. The accident was so horrific that it was featured on BBC1’s 999 programme. Fortunately, liability was agreed early on and the insurers paid for a residential rehabilitation programme. Within 2 years, the solicitor was able to get back to work and her career.

    We have successfully recovered compensation for many drivers injured in road accidents and our lawyers can help you get the compensation you need to get on with your life.

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