Slips in a Bar or Nightclub




    Have you slipped on spilled drinks or broken glass while enjoying a night out?

    The owners of bars and nightclubs have a duty to keep you reasonably safe while visiting their premises and this means making sure that any spillages or breakages are cleared away quickly before a customer slips on it.

    If they allow drinks on the dance floor, they must take extra care to make sure that staff are on hand to deal with spillages and broken glass. If they have a “no drinks on the dance floor” policy, they have to enforce it.

    Insurers always allege that the customer slipped because they had had too much to drink, even though the bar staff happily served you. Your compensation could be reduced if you contributed to the accident by being drunk but the bar or club will still have to pay something as they should have cleared the spillage and taken account of the fact that some customers will be a bit merry.

    It is important to have witnesses to back you up about the spillage, the number of staff around and the amount you had had to drink.

    If you have a slip, make sure that the accident is reported to the staff and recorded in an accident book. If you have had a bit to drink, it may be best to do this the next day when you are able to make sure that the details of what happened are recorded accurately. Don’t sign the accident report unless it is accurate and true.
    We have successfully recovered compensation for clients injured in bars and nightclub slips and our lawyers can help you get the compensation you need to get back on your feet.

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