Personal Injury

Are you wondering whether you have a claim for personal injury? Are you looking for clear, straightforward advice on your claim for compensation?

When you’ve had an accident you need advice and guidance from legal professionals. Our personal injury lawyers are dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the help they need when they need it most.

It’s our job to put your needs first, to explain everything you need to know about the legal process, and to make sure you get the financial help and any rehabilitation you need to move on after an accident.

Our clients receive individual attention from a lawyer with all the necessary experience and expertise to run their claim from start to finish. For more details about our lawyers, see About Us and The Team. And have a look at What Our Clients Say.

We will give you clear and straightforward advice about whether you have a case and we’ll explain how your case can be funded – in most cases, we can offer a no win, no fee arrangement. This means you won’t be left with a bill if your case isn’t successful.

Following changes introduced by the Government on 1 April 2013, you will be required to pay something towards the cost of your case if you win, but this is limited and we will give you clear and transparent advice about it so you know exactly where you stand.

We may not be the first company you speak to. We have been asked for a second opinion by clients who had been told they didn’t have a case; in some cases we went on to win their case. If you feel strongly that you were not at fault, and that the accident could have been avoided, we would be happy to consider the circumstances with you again.

Our clients say we give “caring, professional and understanding advice” and provide an “excellent and extremely helpful service” which is “very easy to follow and efficient”.

Our lawyers have been described as “safe hands” and “friendly and approachable”.

To find out whether you can make a no win, no fee claim, ring us on 020 8313 1300 020 8313 1300 or press the Start My Claim button and one of our lawyers will call you.